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Outsourcing Reasons

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A company of Best Vision Holding A.G., Best Vision Solutions & Services focuses its core business on specific know-how relevant to processes, training, system integration and changes management, according to an outsourcing-oriented approach. Best Vision Solutions & Services offers BRAVO (Business Reengineering And Valuing Outsourcing) which consists of:

ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing): the full IT process management service (ASP and SaaS) that also extends the wide possibilities of tailor-made personalization to application functions supporting financial business.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing): the full back office process management service that allows notable economies of scale and a strong reduction of operational costs, integrating expertise and process skills to support financial business. The high security of Best vision BRAVO services is certified by the ISAE 3402 Type 2 Report with reference to processes and by ISAE 3000 with reference to CID and Cybersecurity controls.

From the close synergistic cooperation with the other companies of the group, Best Vision Solutions & Services inherits all the basic values of Best Vision Holding A.G., i.e. the tradition of Swiss quality and propensity for dialogue and to share strategic choises with its clients


Outsourcing allows modifying the structure of company costs, by reducing the incidence of fixed costs on total costs. It also allows reducing total operational costs thanks to economies of scale and to other advantages linked to the provider specialization.

Outsourcing reduces the need of capitals to be invested in activities not directly linked to the core business. Outsourcing can therefore help to improve some balance sheet ratios (e.g. ROI) and, at the same time, it allows moving your resources from auxiliary activities to more quality and service-oriented activities.

Considerable risks are always linked to the investments a company makes. Outsourcing is a way to share the risks relevant to the decisions among more companies. Through outsourcing you become more flexible, dynamic and able to catch changes and seize the changeable opportunities the market offers.

Assets used for the activities to be delegated are sold to the provider. Outsourcing sometimes includes also the transfer of the staff charged to externalized functions: what is a secondary activity for you becomes the core business for Best Vision Solutions & Services, by greatly improving the motivational aspects of the transferred staff.

Best Vision Solutions & Services performs high level services thanks to great experience and big investments in technology, methodology and specifically professional staff training.

If your company is expanding, outsourcing is a feasible and advantageous alternative, instead of developing in-house specific skills to face the new problems linked to growth.

Contrary to what people usually think, outsourcing allows companies to have a quicker and efficient check on delegated company functions. Even if your company reduces staff in the outsourced sectors, you can run the whole network which provides the purchased services.

Outsourcing allows you to focus on your business, leaving the operational details to an external expert. Outsourcing therefore becomes a management instrument which can achieve primary aims with more clearness and effectiveness to focus on and interpret the needs of your clients successfully.

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