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Modular & Customizable Banking Software Solutions

Best Vision Group, one of the leading companies in the banking software industry provide you with modular, customized and integrated solutions.

From Core Banking System to the E-Banking solution, and from Mobile Banking to Portfolio Management System, we help financial institutions in their daily operations with our full range of advanced banking software solutions and services.

Software Environments

Full range of modern financial software, modular and customizable, using the most advanced software development technologies. 

Core Banking System

BEST Core System is an innovative solution for asset managers and private, commercial and universal banks

Banking as a Platform

A Web application platform, multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency, connected to service providers

Internet Banking

The Internet banking system provided by BEST E-Banking satisfies the needs of both private and professional users

Mobile Banking

Standard eBanking services: enquiries, statements, payments, stock-exchange orders.

Central Information File

BEST CIF substitutes and improves the added physical security logics applied to the paper archives

Anti-Money Laundering

BEST AML is a performant application dedicated to the task of Anti-Money Laundering in the banking environment

Voluntary Disclosure

Efficiently fulfill the ”Requirements of declaring and return of funds …” according to the analytical method

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