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Veridium’s new software biometric authentication solution

Veridium, a leader in biometrics-based authentication, today announced that VeridiumAD, an enterprise-ready solution for password-free biometric authentication in Microsoft Active Directory environments with new connectors for Citrix, is verified as Citrix Ready®. This means that VeridiumAD, a software-only solution, has successfully passed a series of tests established by Citrix, ensuring it will work seamlessly to eliminate passwords for Citrix StoreFront and add biometrics as a second authentication factor to Citrix NetScaler.

Industry experts and customers agree that the weakest link in enterprise security is the use of passwords. One stolen password can lead to multiple data breaches. And in an enterprise environment, it can cost between $40 – $50 to reset a forgotten password, adding up to average cost of around $18,000 per year per 1000 users, according to the Wall Street Journal. (Cybersecurity Newsletter, April 6, 2017)

Biometrics can help replace passwords with something a person is rather than something a user needs to remember and safeguard. Amir Belkhelladi, head of Deloitte Security Practice, notes, “Biometrics give the industry a real chance of making log-in a simple and secure experience for the first time. By enabling an integrated Active Directory and capability, passwords can finally begin to be eradicated.”

“Our primary focus is protecting enterprises’ most sensitive assets. Being Citrix Ready strengthens our commitment to increasing security and convenience as well as reducing fraud for our customers running large enterprise IT environments,” said John Spencer, chief product officer for Veridium. “This verification makes our solution even easier to implement for more Fortune 1000 customers.”

“The secure delivery of apps and data, keeping people and organizations securely connected from anywhere, at all times, is our core mission for Citrix and our partners,” said Nabeel Youakim, Citrix vice-president of products & strategic partners. “We’re pleased to name Veridium as being Citrix Ready to enhance the user experience and maintain customer and data security. Veridium provides biometric authentication of remote users in a streamlined, secure way, complementing Citrix solutions and enhancing customer mobility.”

Source : Future Banking