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Banking as a Platform


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BANQPRO Banking as a Platform

BANQPRO is a Web application platform, multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency, connected to the most independent service providers.


  • Integrates more advanced IT security systems (strong authentication, cryptography, transaction protection);
  • Supports frontier financial services, from Internet Banking to Virtual Banking, Asset Management, Risk Management, Taxmanagement, Family Office & Compliance;
  • Supports interdisciplinary and cross-border user community interactions, according to the most innovative business models.

The main functionalities supported by each module are:

Retail • Corporate • Private client services, including:

  • Portfolio enquiries
  • Reporting
  • Payments (domestic, international, Swiss post, Paynet, DTA, permanent payments and payment models)
  • Stock exchange orders (single or multiple orders)
  • Treasury planning and budgeting
  • SMS alerts, mobile channels integrated
  • Market monitor
  • Strong authentication devices

In addition to Internet Banking functionalities:

  • Master registers management
  • CRM, visit reports
  • Portfolio restrictions
  • Portfolio strategies and monitoring
  • Ex-custody portfolios consolidation and performance
  • Suspicious transaction: rule definition and detection
  • KyT monitoring, due diligence workflow & communication
  • Internal & external auditing

International tax calculation and reporting for the following countries:

  • Switzerland, tax reporting
  • Italy, tax calculation and reporting
  • Unites States, tax reporting
  • Spain, tax reporting
  • United Kingdom, tax calculation and reporting
  • Austria, tax calculation and reporting
  • Israel, tax reporting
  • Rubik (UK, A) tax calculation, reporting, tax booking record generation
  • Generic fiscal statements, tax reporting according to selected currency and capital gain/loss calculation criteria – LIFO vs. FIFO, Standard Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (OECD)
  • Unites States, QI reporting to IRS & FATCA
  • OLAP hypercube
  • Visual query editor & management
  • Reporting
  • Risk analysis
  • Strategic asset allocation and monitoring
  • Performance analysis
  • Simulation and rebalancing
  • Risk analysis
  • Strategic asset allocation and monitoring
  • Performance analysis
  • Simulation and rebalancing

Integrated Superflat service for the following analysis domain:

  • Var, ex-ante Cvar
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Re-pricing
  • Fair Value

Interfaced third party tools and services

Third party tools:

CIF, PBOffice, BEST, Olympic, The Boss, Finstar, home-made core banking platforms

Third party services:

SIX, Bloomberg, custodian banks data feed services (UBS, Credit Suisse, Julius Baer, BSI, Patrimony1873, BancaStato, LGT, Centrum Bank, others)

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