Vision Bank – Vision Finanzplatz Schweiz

Dear Clients and Partners,

The 19th edition of VISION BANK will take place at the Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum. The session is dedicated to banking strategy and vision for the Swiss financial market.

In a rapidly changing society, where processes of technological and economic change have become commonplace, these ‘islands of attention’ stimulate the generation of ideas and offer guidance to decision-makers in the financial and economic markets.

Best Vision Group is an official sponsor of the event. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our product BANQPRO – the complete suite for modern finance and banking!

More information can be found on the official website of the Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum, in below:



We look forward to meet you in person, on February 2, 2023 at 1:30 pm., at the SIX Convention Point in Zürich.

In the meantime we wish you all the best.

BANQPRO Department

Lugano Finance Forum

The eleventh edition of the event focused on asset management, was held at the Palazzo dei Congressi, Switzerland.


The Lugano Finance Forum, this time in its eleventh edition, is one of the most important events focused on Asset Management, Investment Tools (covered warrants, certificates, ETFs, structured bonds, unit-linked…) and Fundamental Analysis, organized in Switzerland.

The forum took place at the prestigious Palazzo dei Congressi, this tuesday, November 22, 2022, and hosted a series of specialized conferences and an exhibition area.

First, a series of conferences was held related to topics such as: sustainable finance, high inflation, monetary policy perspectives, climate transition in an inflationary environment, as well as topics regarding virtual currencies and their relationship. in finance.

Next, there was a time for lunch, where the forum participants and guests were able to socialize and get to know each other, and then continue with the conferences. At the end of the day’s programme, there was a business cocktail party sponsored by the LCX company (a regulated trading venue offering a variety of digital currencies).

It should be noted that the event had a wide range of sponsors and exhibitors such as: InCore Bank, Asset Management, Crypto Finance, LCX, Zenotta and BestVision, a company that included the participation of: Stefano Parravicini, Paolo Arioli, Elena Sinitsyna, Fabrizio Rizzi , Kujitim Ariffi and Riccardo Speroni.