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Processo de subcontratação

Falar com um consultor


According to a consolidated interpretation of the new generation managers outsourcing is a more and more notable and strongly evolutive event, able to trigger the necessary transformation of the company structure and processes. Through outsourcing technology can be considered differently by concentrating all the company resources on the core business and with costs proportional to the structure use.

All this is possible by keeping a strategic management of the company structure. This awareness leads to different types of outsourcing implementations on the basis of particular company requirements.

Outsourcing requires that the evolution from in-home managed activities to outsourcing occurs according to common criteria and aims between the client and the provider.

A true partnership between the parties allows sharing a common vision related to the cooperation at operational and strategic level. Best Vision Solutions & Services recognizes a double commitment in partnership with the client: on the one hand it keeps temporarily the management of the area to be restructured by avoiding block risks of operations, on the other hand it cooperates with the company as a consultant in the change operation.

Best Vision Solutions & Services has therefore developed a management process methodology draw from BITS (Framework for Managing Technology Risk fot IT Services Provider Relationships) and adapted in banking outsourcing contexts.

BRAVO ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing): the full IT process management service (ASP and SaaS) that also extendes the wide possibilities of tailor-made personalization to application functions supporting financial business.

BRAVO BPO (Business Process Outsourcing): the full back office process management service that allows notable economies of scale and a strong reduction of operational costs, integrating expertise and process skills to support financial business.